Fundacja MBM – wsparcie projektów z zakresu nowej ekonomii

MBM is a Polish creative foundation in the field of digital payments

The MBM Foundation, as a Polish creative foundation, offers advanced support for artists, using blockchain technology and investments in the Metaverse.

As a creative foundation, we are a hotbed of talent

The MBM Foundation offers advanced educational support. Our artists receive a full support package, including grants and artistic scholarships, enabling them to carry out the most demanding projects. We combine creative thinking with modern technologies. We build interest in investments in works of art and the potential of young artists.

Our mission

We promote initiatives aimed at increasing the safety of non-cash transactions, using digital payments, and supporting artists through education. We build innovative tools based on blockchain technology. We introduce solutions that enable the implementation of creative ideas in the NFT and Metaverse sphere. We are looking for online investors in the area of digital payments.

Annual support program

We engage in cooperation for a period of 12 months, during which we help, support and advise on how to achieve educational goals.

The best educational resources

We work with experts from around the world, opinion leaders, trainers and mentors, as well as commercial entities.

International cooperation

We enable our clients and projects to be in touch with leading protocols and technologies, enabling project validation.

Grants and subsidies for artists

We provide financial assistance in the form of grants to creators and subsidies for projects that are in line with the statutory goals.

Global recognition

The best ideas and creative projects receive funding from investors cooperating with us, giving the opportunity to debut on the international arena.

Exchange program

We give the opportunity to exchange experiences and work in international centers in Canada, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Estonia, and the USA.

Supported projects


Scholarships for artists based on blockchain technology.

The MBM Foundation is a creative foundation in the field of modern technologies

We support solutions that involve entire teams, promoting the idea of safe non-cash transactions, using digital payments, through the use of a durable medium provided by blockchain technology.

Wojciech Kaszycki
President of the Management Board of the MBM Foundation

Join us!

We are looking for donors, projects interested in cooperation, investors willing to support our creators, volunteers and other cooperating entities.