The art world has traditionally been dominated by brick-and-mortar galleries and auction houses. However, the rise of the internet has brought about a new era of online marketplaces for art sales. While traditional marketplaces have their advantages, they also come with significant limitations. In this article, we’ll explore the limitations of traditional art marketplaces and the advantages of using ARTT Network.


Limitations of Traditional Art Marketplaces:

  1. Limited Access: Traditional art marketplaces are usually limited to a small geographical area. This can be a major limitation for creators who want to reach a wider audience, or for buyers who are looking for a specific type of artwork that may not be available in their local market.
  2. High Costs: Traditional art marketplaces come with high costs for both buyers and sellers. Galleries and auction houses take a percentage of the sale price, which can significantly reduce a creator’s profits or increase the price for buyers. These costs also limit access to the art market, as many emerging artists cannot afford the high fees associated with traditional marketplaces.
  3. Lack of Transparency: The traditional art market has long been criticized for its lack of transparency. Auction results and sales data are often not made public, making it difficult for buyers and sellers to know the true value of a creation. This lack of transparency can also lead to price manipulation, as galleries and auction houses may inflate prices to make a profit.

Advantages of Using ARTT Network:

  1. Global Reach: ARTT Network is an online marketplace that allows creators to reach a global audience. This means that creators can sell their work to buyers from all over the world, increasing their exposure and potential sales.
  2. Lower Costs: ARTT Network charges a lower commission than traditional art marketplaces. This means that creators can keep more of their profits, and buyers can purchase artwork at a lower price. This also opens up the market to emerging artists who may not have the financial resources to participate in traditional marketplaces.
  3. Transparent Pricing: ARTT Network provides transparent pricing for both buyers and sellers. This means that buyers can see the actual value of an artwork, and sellers can set their prices based on market demand and other factors.
  4. Social Impact: ARTT Network is a foundation that promotes diversity, inclusion, and social impact in the art world. By using ARTT Network, buyers and sellers are supporting a mission that empowers creators worldwide and promotes positive social change.

In conclusion, traditional art marketplaces have limitations that can hinder the growth and success of creators and buyers alike. ARTT Network provides a solution by offering a global platform with lower costs, transparent pricing, and a mission to promote social impact. As the art world continues to evolve, it’s important to consider new solutions that empower creators and make art more accessible to everyone.